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  • Student with no hopes
    06-16 08:03 AM
    I, unfortunately could not make it to DC, however, I would love to hear more about what was done in DC and the kind of responses IV got from the offices...... I am positive there are thousands of members who wanted to participate in the event and could not do so for unavoidable reasons - and if the participants could post their experiences, it will give us a better idea and make us feel that we are a part of the efforts too (many thanks to those who have already done so - it is inspiring).

    Please share your thoughts with us. Thank you.

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  • bsbawa10
    09-11 08:02 AM

    On behalf of the Indian legal immigrant community in the United States of America, I am
    writing to highlight the ongoing egregious inefficiencies in the immigration �services�
    provided by the USCIS and the DOS. There have been numerous times when there have been erratic movements in the published visa bulletin dates. As a result the DOS either under- or over-estimates the number of applicants available for adjustment of status. When the date moves forward by too large a window, USCIS tends to approve the more recent applications as opposed to the ones that were filed earlier. Let me explain with an example: in the July 2008 visa bulletin, the cut-off date for the India EB2 category was 01 April 2004. A month later, the cut-off date for Indian EB2 applicants abruptly moved forward two years and was set at 01 June 2006. Instead of approving applicants who applied in 2004 and 2005, USCIS approved applicants from 2006. Where is the justice in that???

    Indian employment-based immigrants are tax-paying, law-abiding, educated individuals contributing to America�s knowledge economy - yet we have been subjected to the worst aspects of the US employment-based immigration system. These include:

    1) Extended wait times at each step of the immigration process.
    2) Lack of transparency on the part of USCIS. Customer Service is of no help at all. It tells the customer whatever is on the website. What use is the customer service then ? We are paying our hard earned money for the process to USCIS, but what do we get back ?
    3) Lost opportunities owing to the lack of job portability during the process (a time period spanning an average of five years, whereas an applicant from any country besides India gets his/her PR card in under two years).

    While we are grateful for the opportunity to partake in the American dream, it is ironic that we arrive in America and find that our freedom is shackled � we are bound to our sponsoring employer from the start to the end of this extremely lengthy process. Although legal immigration reform is our ongoing aim, for now, we sincerely request you to investigate the process whereby the monthly visa bulletin is set and to ensure FIFO (first in, first out) adjustment so that those of us who have been waiting longer receive attention prior to those who have applied later.

    Thanking you,[/QUOTE]
    I just added a couple of lines on step 3. Otherwise, I like the letter very much.

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  • rxk2303
    08-10 11:20 AM
    Best thing to do is stay here till your visa extension is due,and apply for extension from here,you will get new 194 with your extension if its approved.
    hope they dont notice it,usually they dont..but take attorney advice.

    Thanks for the advice Maco. I will contact couple of Attorneys for sure.


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  • gcdreamer05
    11-11 11:35 AM
    Very sorry to know about the nanny situation. I would not recommend taking any legal action on that nanny because you are not supposed to hire her in the first place. So if you do complain about her, it is going to back fire on you, saying how did you hire her in the first place.

    It is really horrible how a person can have heart to beat a small baby. Also she is not supposed to work on a tourist visa, if someone complains she can be deported.

    I would suggest the following, just terminate her asap and try to use some local nanny who has proper papers to work. (since any way you are paying the same amount).

    If you had hired someone who had proper papers, and if they had committed this , i am very sure you can take them up legally and make sure they do not do this again to someone else. But in this case it is a bit complex as you too may get in to trouble for hiring her.


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  • bijalrs
    12-19 11:19 AM
    khodalmd - New Member BijalRs Just Contributed $50
    One down 4 more to go.

    khodalmd, good show...join the Gang !! Let's see if this forum has any fire left after the Session phone jamming campaign....:D :D

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  • Tortoise
    08-12 03:16 PM
    I had 2 soft LUDs in Aug 26 and 27 in 2008 for all of 3 applicants on that day not sure they are for what..that time I was in India using AP.
    Another guess is my file may have been pre-adjudicated thats why I had see 3 LUD's as other 2 applicants didn't treavel to India only myself.


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  • nivasch
    12-19 09:57 AM
    Thanks for your efforts...

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  • newbie2020
    11-11 11:38 AM
    First of all hiring someone on tourist visa was illegal, You had not thought about the safety of your child while doing it and without proper background check or reference checks hiring someone for nanny or anything like that involving children can be risky. There are instances of abuse which certainly will go un noticed.

    From a legal perspective, Did u have a written contract for nanny, even if you sue the person you might not be able to recover anything and hiring an illegal may land you in trouble.


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  • Still Waiting
    07-17 07:33 PM
    :) :) :) Thank you all, this has been a trying time for all of us. I guess God is on our side. Thanks again to the IV Core.:) :) :) :) :)

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  • reachinus
    03-07 09:08 AM
    Let me know how to send the payment.


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  • saileshdude
    08-21 04:59 PM
    The bigger question here is .......Are there any IOs sitting at the fingerprinting place . If yes, are they authorized to give out such info or even entertain any such requests ??

    That is incorrect for my local ASC. I know that for sure. When I went to ASC for FP I do not think they were capable of answering any case related questions. All they do there is take FP notice , stamp it and do FP. They ask you to goto local office for any questions related to your case.

    Secondly how come the IO had the authority to show an internal memo to a customer. Does it make sense?

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  • whiteStallion
    12-04 01:44 AM
    Good link...
    Hope these will help the immigrant community to think twice before hiring a live in nanny!


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  • srinivas_o
    03-09 01:19 PM
    Just now donated $50 throuhg paypal (even though pledged for $25)..

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  • sanju
    02-25 10:49 AM
    Great Idea. We can have a poll on this just to see how many support this.

    ya, lets step-up a poll and have everyone vote, as if this is the US congress. And after voting leave it for someone else to work on this and other "brilliant" idea. There needs to be a reality check. This poll doesn't mean anything unless there are enough people to spend time and energy at every level. But ya, lets setup a poll and have everyone vote, it will give everyone a feel good factor that everyone contributed in the advocacy effort, how? by voting in the pool and not doing anything about how everyone votes.



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  • amitps
    09-08 12:52 AM
    Wonder why your database is still under construction? Not enough skilled people around to do the so called construction? Maybe temporary workers?

    The same logic applies to every business in the US that is trying to rely on temporary workers to meet the demands of a global economy.

    Stop the following - this is my country, that is your country, this is our job, that is your job. Think of a global economy.

    Great point - but if these people could think about global economy - why would they even start such threads..they are LOOSERS....

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  • gupab01
    04-24 05:19 PM
    My company has applied for H1-B visa for me under the master's quota and premium processing. On the lawyer's website I can see that my application was filed on 3/30 and probably received on or around April 2nd by USCIS.

    However, I have not yet received a receipt notice for my application. I am aware that the premium processing deadline is fast approaching and I am getting a little concerned. Is there anybody else out there in a similar situation who has not yet received their receipt notification?

    Can anyone advise me on my options? Is there a possibility that the application could have been lost in the mail or something else? Can I re-apply since the master's quota has not yet been filled?

    Pls advise.......


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  • paskal
    12-18 08:09 PM
    nope i use amex
    try setting up a pay pal account
    i found it easier to work things that way

    BTW you are all set to be 21!

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  • potatoeater
    04-10 08:26 PM
    As many are aware, there was a huge rush to buy and sell pre-approved labors during July-August 2007, when all the priority dates were suddenly made current. Tens of thousands of labors were sold by fraudulent consulting companies to many questionable GC seekers, who hadn’t even started the process till then.

    It is those substituted labors which are clogging the pipelines now. Just think, last month EB3-I stood at November 2001. Now it is completely unavailable. It can’t possibly be because so many pending labors with such old priority dates suddenly got cleared this month, and beneficiary of these labors filed 140+485 together. I seriously doubt that a candidate whose labor is pending since such a long time is even keeping that GC process alive. In all likelihood he/she must have moved on in life.

    There is only one explanation. These labors were already pre-approved. It is the attached I-140 on these labors that are getting approved rapidly. And the subsequent I-485 petitions on these applications are depleting the visa numbers.

    The reason of this post is not to start an argument about the ethics of labor substitution. It is just a FYI post to explain the seemingly inexplicable. The chickens are coming home to roost.

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  • godspeed
    12-19 07:36 PM
    Hi Folks
    Contributed another $50. Till now total contribution is $250.


    02-02 06:27 PM
    What does it mean to say EB2 ROW? What is the reference point of Rest of World? Thanks.
    Rest of World means all countries which are not listed separately in the visa bulletins. It means all countries except India, China, Mexico and Philippins.

    12-07 06:26 AM
    I have a problem. in the given name, the middle name is entered first and the first name is entered after the middle name in the passport
    (Given name: <middle name><first name>).
    so while applying for the visa, they ask for first and middle names (as present in the passport)
    Do I need to give the name as it is typed in the passport or can I give first name and then give middle name. Will there be any problem by rearranging the given name in the visa application?
    Will it create a problem while getting social security number?? should I change the name in the passport? please suggest me....what should I do?

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