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  • Michael chertoff
    04-17 03:39 PM
    This is one of the more reasonable proposals heard here. To give it more credibility, I think we should add an earnings threshold to it. Something like 500K to 1 million in cumulative W-2 earnings. No matter what your country of birth or your educational qualification is, If you contributed significantly to this country and you are law abiding then you deserve a little respect so that you can do more of the same.

    Sir that will not go too far because it will be very easy for Desi body shoppers to generate W2s and pay stubs for that amount.

    Make it simple. if someone working from last 10 years paying taxes and no crime history, never violated any law...Grant them Citizen ship...not GC.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-11 03:05 PM
    I have no words for people in this forum, suggesting the person to just be quite and not report about that nanny who has harmed a child who is just 8 months is very sad, sickening, and shocking that a majority of you guys are giving such bad suggestion.

    Your first instinct as a parent is to protect your child.

    If the child is harmed and you have the proof, man!!!! I would not be discussing that on this forum, but would go straight to the police station and give the complaint and protect my child and scores of other child who might be next if that nanny is not booked by the authorities.

    She has advertised in a web site. It not going to be a big crime if you unknowingly hire someone who happens to be not authorized to work. At most its a misdemeanor with a fine.

    But keeping quite after seeing what that devil has done to a child, it really bogs my mind, can't imagine why you folks are so afraid.

    Report it to the authorities soon...believe me, you would not regret it for the rest of your life.

    Immigration and IRS are not linked in any way: Just found this on the internet, does it make any sense?

    Families who decide to hire or retain their illegal immigrant employees are able to comply with all of the current payroll tax reporting requirements, even if the worker does not have a valid Social Security number or US Work Authorization. The Internal Revenue Code prohibits the sharing of taxpayer information with other government agents - see THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 5 U.S.C. � 552a. HomeWork Solutions' staff can assist employers in this tax compliance, including preparation of back tax returns. Remember, tax compliance by illegal immigrants does not confer work authorization, but non-compliance will make them ineligible for future legal status.

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  • gbof
    02-26 10:14 AM
    If First/Last name in all immigration related applications/docs match with entries in corrected passport, I don't think you need anything else. Green Card, when received, should have entries as in passport.

    Thanks, jsb
    But, how are they going to verify and match entries in passport now. Entry in their system, now may be 'LNU'

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  • malibuguy007
    12-04 08:13 AM
    Everybody who reads this thread should either donate themselves or if they have already done so, then make sure you talk to a friend and convince him/her to donate. You are not doing any public service by donating to IV (nothing wrong with those kind of donations). Whatever you donate will actually come back to you as a benefit you really want and in a much bigger multiple.


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  • wandmaker
    12-03 08:04 AM
    Bump......... I will add 50 bucks when it reaches 5K.

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  • kumarc123
    07-10 03:23 PM
    Hey you guys - ask not what someone else can do for you but what you can do for someone else...didn't JFK say something like that ;)

    You are ABSOLUTELY correct in saying that all the forums mention EB2 and very little attention is shed on EB3. I wonder why! Is it because EB2 recepients are more actively involved on IV? Or because EB3 recepients are quieter? Both these situations lend themselves to the bias towards EB2. And ultimately lead to one thing - more being done for EB2. I am EB2 and believe you me - I'm not complaining.

    Sadly though, the number of EB3 applicants is many many times the number of EB2. So, there's something to be said for participation and having your voice heard. It is no wonder then that we as a group are dismal at having our collective voices heard - we don't participate like our lives depended on it. And in this case our entire lives depend on what's going on...

    So, instead of bickering and blaming, why don't we awaken the giant that is EB3 India and China and have them participate as well...maybe we'll be able to kill many many birds (country limits, DC rallies, contributions to IV and lobbying activities, phone call campaigns, letter campaigns...) with just one stone....just thinking out loud...that's all...

    Any ideas?

    Read your paragraph and you will understand who is complaining, the focus here is to get together as one whole EB community.


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  • thomachan72
    12-08 05:25 PM
    ..else, don't say what you don't do.
    Hey, lets do this. Let's get a couple of homeless bums to just move into your house, while you are not there and then have them DEMAND repsect, humanity, food, medical care, clothing and shelter from YOU. ALL in the name of humanity.
    Then let us see what your reaction is.......a homeless US citizen is in no way inferior to you so called "economic refugee".

    Countries have borders and laws for a reason, and each country has the right to protect its borders and uphold the laws. Most of us being of Indian descent, should look into our own house. What is happening to Biharis in Maharashtra...are Biharis not Citizens of India.....we don;t even tolerate people of other states, coming to our state!! and expect US to just keep letting trespassers in?

    The name of this Country is "UNITED STATES of AMERICA"...NOT "FREE_FOR_ALL REFUGEE CAMP"..

    Dummgelauft and Saguar, we all respect your opinions and know that you have a very valid reasons to hold on to your opinions. What I was saying is that if we take the majority of the posters who have responded / posted in this thread, we are seeing an overwhelming majoiry who support and /or sympathize with the pregnant girl. We are definitely not going to change our opinions and so are you. so let us stop this argument with a clear awareness that the majority of the posters are siding with the girl regarding the inhumane treatment delivered to her. We are not saying that we are correct but only saying that we are indeed the majority (thank God)

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  • amitjoey
    07-05 02:36 PM
    Thanks to all those who sent flowers! Won't it be nice if they got 100's of flowers and that it becomes a famous news in the media!!

    If the mainstream media catches this, it'll be great! It has the potential to go viral!

    Can we set a target of sending flowers from 500 people! and then do a media drive on it!!

    What do people say?

    you are going to have to do a simaltenous media drive, writing that flowers are scheduled to be sent on the 10th of July. Please cover. So they would be ready to publish, when the time comes.


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  • anandrajesh
    03-07 05:47 PM
    Thanks for effort; I will contribute.

    Thanks for the effort. I will contribue atleast $25 for this cause. I would like to know how many more people are in line before me, that info will be very helpful to me in taking plenty of personal & professional decisions.

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  • paskal
    12-20 12:40 PM
    I just made my contribution thru PayPal.

    You are setting a great example for all members...
    c'mon everyone, it's time to rise to the occasion.


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  • bsbawa10
    09-06 08:20 AM
    lets start posting on Monday morning.
    Over the weekend, people will comment and make constructive suggestions. By Monday, we should have enough material to post.
    lets post together. sending a single email will not help

    Also I think, people can customize this letter a little bit by elevating individual examples of their own. Please advertise this to all immigrationvoice members if you can.

    Once again my appeal to write this to Zoe.

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  • SunnySurya
    08-21 04:27 PM
    R u sure about this? Where did u hear this from?

    [B]The spill over from FAMILY CATEGORY can only be used starting from SEPTEMBER 01 2008. Otherwise it won't go with the interpretation of the law.

    Also the spillover from EB1 (for august 2008 and anything remaining for the current year) will be applied on September 01.


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  • sugaur
    12-07 12:07 AM
    I think it all boils down to this scenerio
    you have a seriously injured uninvited person in your front lawn about to die. what are you gonna do ?
    Some people would want that 'problem' to go away and some would want to help the person. Our actions make what we are ..
    BTW if anyone is interested, child birth generates 9 dols (measure of pain) of pain and at 10 dols a person dies. 9 dols is maximum pain a human being can suffer.

    Take your pick.

    Guys, we are all educated here and I believe have a higher IQ than your average Joe. So why dont you see that this is not about helping a fellow human being in need. Everyone should do that. The sheriffs dept took her to the hospital to ensure that in case there is any complication, things could be take care of. Why? Because its the law and the majority in this country respect the law. No one, even illegals, can be denied emergent care. This would not happen if she were in Mexico or India. No free medical care there, and no one gives a shit about the rights of prisoners there. So what happens next? This woman, WHO HAS NO BUSINESS BEING IN THIS COUNTRY, goes to her advocacy group who arrange to have an article in the news that tries to portray this as if the sheriff forced her to deliver in a prison. This is all to garner sympathy for the illegal immigrant. We should know better and see through their guile. The illegal lobby is the main reason why there is no chance for meaningful reform for legal immigrants to be passed. They insist on linking us to them.
    If every one decides to choose for themselves which law they will obey and which they will ignore, society can not exist. And as I pointed out in my previous post, this woman has a history of repeated violations of the law and is NOT a victim that this biased article tries to portray her as.
    And your theory about child birth leading to near death like pain is absolutely baseless. Pain is a subjective phenomenon and what is expireinced as a 9/10 by some hysterical yuppy, will be a 0 to others. Childbirth is a NATURAL phenomenon. Ask your grandma and she will tell you how every one delivered without epidurals and caeserians at her time.

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  • ksircar
    04-12 04:43 PM
    I sent my story, please check.



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  • gupab01
    04-25 12:08 PM
    Is there anybody else out there who has applied for H1-B under master's quota and premium processing who has not yet received their receipt notification?

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  • seekerofpeace
    08-18 02:04 PM
    You can call up again today or later and I am sure the next agent will tell you just the opposite....that notice date is all that is important.

    Fact of the matter is they don't have a clue and they can't care less....



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  • gc_dream07
    03-09 01:48 PM
    I just sent $25.00 as pledged.

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  • calboy78
    08-25 07:05 PM
    I guess My interview didn't go as expected.

    1) I reached the office an hour early.
    2) After waiting,they did security check and let us in
    3) Then the lady who was assigned my case, came and took us into her room
    4) Oath, etc
    5) She then started asking for Birth cert, Marriage Cert, kids birth certi, 140 approval copy.
    6) Then she pulled a file (which was labelled DOS Visa bulletins) and spent around 15 mins on Oct 2007 bulletin.
    7) Then asked us who filed your did your self or your employer did..we said employer.
    8) Then she said, something is not right..per Oct 2007 bulleting Visa's are unavailable so yours was not filed properly.
    9) Then I said, ours was filed in Aug 8th 2007. She insisted the receipt date is oct 2007..then we showed her our 485 reciept.
    10) Then she thanked us and started looking at Aug 2007 visa bulletin. and said, even then in Aug 2007 EB2 was U, so yours was not properly filed.
    11) I told her, There was an interim Memo released by USCIS that they will accept application until Aug-17 2007 based on July 2007 visa bulletin
    12) She said she will look at DOS bulletins
    13) After 10 mins she said, she cant find any such memo..and said, since there is no evidence with her, she has to deny our case based on "Improper filing when PD was not current"
    14) Then I said, if PD was not current, wouldn't TSC return the application denying on the spot? Why would they accept the application?
    15) She said, you would think so..but they accept many we are told to verify all the time
    16) THen said, she believes us but for process, she needs evidence and said she will look into further and then make a judgment.

    17) We had no choice and we were over the interview. we were little disappointed though

    18) After coming home, I realized she took all I-94s and we got panicked..because if 485 is getting denied and I-94s are gone, how do we prove our legal status, so we thought of going back..then I thought, if have to go anyway, then I should take a print out of Interim Memo

    19) I went back an hour later with the print out
    20) I told security that, we had finished our interview and officer forgot to return our I-94..they insisted that we shud take infopass and they wont allow anyone to go back..I had to really argue with them (I decided I have nothing to loose..anyway 485 is screwed and so stood there asking them to let me in)

    21) After consistent nagging, the security guy took our passports, interview response letter(After interview if your app doesn't get appproved they willgive a kind of reciept saying u attended the interview..blahblah) and went in

    22) Came back and told me to go in since the officer wants more details from you (I thought this was a miracle)

    23) I went inside, and after a while officer came back. We apologized and told her that we came back for I-94s..she said they will retain and wont return..We told her that we are not using EAD and we are still on H1B..she said she will give back..
    then she asked, I am sure you didnt come back for I-94 alone, did you get any document?

    24) We showed her the memo.

    25) She read that and said I am glad you came back..this clears everything out..I will run this by my supervisor and will see if we can adjust status today

    26) We waited for 2 hrs and then she took us inside.
    27) Asked our passports (to stamp...really)

    28) Then she looked into the computer to get the visa #.
    29) The we noticed a changed in her face and then she quickly turned into a folder of current VISA bulletin..we again.
    30) The officer said, per visa bulletin u r current and ur PD is dec 2005..there is no reason for system not to allocated a visa #..
    31)She tried for 10-15 mins and finally gave up..said she cant stamp in the passport without allotting the visa number..said sorry..I cant do anything..I will follow up with DOS ppl and will let you know in a week or so.

    32) The reason she gave is, when she tried to allot the visa, she got a message, "cut off date not established". I have no idea what this means.

    hmmm....still keeping fingers crossed..this is nothing short of a car race.


    I have only one comment - you are brave to have fought at that level ..Good Luck with your GC journey !

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  • Jerrome
    08-22 04:23 PM
    where is vldrao and 22K visas??

    i think v r f'ed up big time; part of the problem was setting our hopes higher.

    on another note, if some ppl call this a rumor, I would say this is US and "almost all" rumors in US are true.
    I just hope its not true.

    Vldrao is not a god. His assumptions are based on the facts from USCIS data, Do you know that 22k visas were not issued. If yes,quote that. Nobody knows and all are playing guessing game. Leave him alone.

    09-07 11:15 PM
    Jobs in America is for Americans. If at all it gets outsourced to your country then it is yours. But as long as that job is in my country, I will defend it and not let some Strive or Skill act take it away from me.

    How did you assume that our IV members do not have the will to gather together and ask for what they desire?

    This IV community will show you at the DC rally and in the future.

    You and your so called followers of an antiquated philosophy should read my signature below.

    03-09 05:05 PM
    Pledged $25, donated $50

    I saw that your application got approved in Dec-08 and you continute to support and contribute for all of us. Just wanted to say - THANK YOU.


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