Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • WillIBLucky
    11-16 01:49 PM
    There is radio talk guy Sean Hannity (Convervative Republican). He is very popular for his straight and truth talk on radio. He comes in 7:60 AM on radio from 3PM to 5 PM EST.

    We could send an e-mail or call and request him if he could take time to talk about our problem. He is very much against Illegal Immigration. He always supported legal immigration. He himself is an immigrant. Most of the people in Congress know him. Probably this might be a good idea and hope he will talk about our problems and this wrong propaganda about us not paying taxes.

    For more information about him you can check http://www.hannity.com

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  • guyfromsg
    07-18 11:41 PM
    LOL, I know. I really regret that I wasn't on these forums years ago, I wouldn't have done so many mistakes. I was thinking "what all these dudes on these forums know? I got a big lawyer with tie and bunch of certificates as best of the best of the best." The life taught me totally opposite.

    Except IV all the other forums are in lawyer's websites. So without lawyers we won't get lot of useful info either. But I do see lot of activites in IV forums related to green card than others which is good we are growing on our own :D

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  • gjoe
    10-29 11:27 AM
    So far from the poll results I see that most of us are here by choice ( though we are put thru GC waits). no matter what we will try to stay here until we reach our personal breaking point which would tigger us to look at alternatives.
    Someone here asked what independence and freedom has to do with the Quit America thing. Most of the immigrant community feels that they are not given access to lot of things due to restrictions in their visas and unpredictable GC process. And the inconvenience and trouble their familes go through. With that in prespective I am thinking that we have lost atleast some of our freedom and independence.
    This reason for this poll is to also make people think .

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  • arunsush
    08-31 10:09 AM
    Wanted to let those interested know that my 140 EB2 got approved yesterday after RFE.

    The RFE was on educational grounds. I have a 5 year integrated Msc in Physics and was -how a degree in Physics is equivalent to computer Science.

    My attorney submitted a detailed analysis of all the course and a fresh educational evaluation on the 28th and it got approved on 30th.


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  • nishant2200
    12-22 03:09 PM
    Dear President-elect and transition team,
    I am really excited by the change and new hope your administration is promising.
    My story is of a bright engineering student from India, who came to USA to study a graduate degree from one of the top engineering schools in USA. I graduated with a 3.6 GPA with a Masters degree In Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering from top 10 engineering school, University of Southern California in 2004.
    I immediately joined a company, working in the Health care industry and providing software for many of the most large and research labs in the country, providing patient care to all parts of the country.
    We applied for a Permanent Residence visa in the Employment Based Second (EB2) category. I have not missed a single paycheck since nearly 4 years, paid all my taxes in February 2nd week latest each year. I have studied in a premier school of USA and contributed to research and studies for nearly 3 and half years there.
    There is a huge backlog of visas in the employment based categories. The backlog is in hundreds of thousands. There is a limitation of 120,000 visas each year, with a limitation of around 8400 visas for countries. This means countries like India and China which contribute the most to legal employment based immigration look at a wait of 6 to 10 years. In this time, we cannot take career decisions, are afraid to buy houses, are afraid to invest in 401k and retirement schemes, all life decisions come to a halt.
    During the past years, a lot of visa numbers were left uncaptured because of processing delays. Also, family numbers count for single visa numbers. And there is a per country numerical limitation which is unfair to countries like India or China. There is no consideration for applicants with graduate and PhD degrees in Science, Engineering or Math.
    Generally the illegal immigration gets all the focus, with us, legal immigrants, not even getting a mention. H1 visa category is chastised and in bad press, but we are all but a very few number of intending immigrants, who instead of taking jobs, are contributing to economy, legally residing and want to be a part of the great country. Many bills HR 5882, HR 5921 & HR 6039 are already in government waiting for action.
    Please help the legally employment based immigration group.
    A law abiding, tax paying, hopeful.

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  • chanduv23
    02-01 12:58 PM
    Consulting companies bring physicians to the US annd place them for research and observerships, these candidates while doing research, do their USMLE and when they get a residency transfer h1b.

    I have seen newspaper advertisements in India inviting MBBS doctors for these jobs


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  • wizpal
    03-14 12:29 PM
    I would say the activity in state chapter participation is '5%' at best in contributing members. By that token, you can ignore the non-contributing members. I see thousands of messages in retrogression and like forums while I see hardly dozens of messages in state chapters forums.

    Take the example of state Texas, it has one of the largest pool of House Reps in congress and folks impacted by retrogression in this state is very high. Most of these House Reps are anti-immigrant. I am not sure if it is for both legal and illegal. In TX, there is no state chapter activity for the last 4 months. I called for a meeting, not one responded. I think IV core should come up with a specific schedule for each of the state chapter meetings and also core team should assign a contact for each of the state chapters. Core team should also participate in these meetings to provide a directed leadership. If need be, induct more members into core team..

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  • senthil1
    05-25 03:01 PM
    Bashing the system and correcting the imbalances are correct. But some people in this forum are targetting individual persons(some times Senators) and doing personal attacks some times bad words also(I can see atleast 100 postings like that). No one realise the fact that same right we were not able to get in our own country. Can anyone talk to MLA or MP in India by phone when they want if any issue?. So we need to appreciate that we got extra freedom than our own country. If we want to correct problems in the system we have to fight with patient with point in mind that we are aliens compared to those who came here 20 years or 100 years before us.

    What a postive way to start, AKP? Why they want to increase H1b fees to$5000 to fund their college scholrship program..dont they have any other way to fund it. who is here with the begging bowl.?


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  • sunny1000
    12-12 03:22 AM
    I might have more information than VFS. The VFS agents don't know what's happening in the consulate. The agents doesn't know more than what is already present in the VFS website.

    ok...call the consulate and ask what is going on.. or send an email.

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  • k_usa
    07-18 12:29 PM
    Reached USCIS - 7/02
    Service Center- NSC
    rejected/accepted - Do not know

    EB2 -
    PD -01/2006
    140 AD - 10/2006


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  • Archana
    04-26 10:02 PM
    Our contributions on the way. Keep Spirits High and all of ours hard work will succeed...

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  • realizeit
    05-26 04:15 PM
    Salient features of Bill: S.1085

    After analyzing this bill, I found the following:

    1. This bill will recapture all those unused employment based visas (gcs) from 1992 till 2008 and it will add those recaptured visas to this year's employment based quota.

    2. After the passage of this bill, any unused visas will rollover to the next year. So, no more wastage of visas as we go forward.

    3. Per country limit will be increased from 7% to 10%, so more folks from over subscribed countries would be able to come under the normal yearly quota.

    4. We will be able to avail the benefits of the recapture after 60 days of the passage of the bill. That means, if they are able to recapture 220,000 (approx) employment based visas, the employment based category will be able to use all those after 60 days of the passage of this bill. USCIS is pre-adjudicating all I485s pending and if this bill gets passed in say for eg by October 30, almost all (80%) in this community (who filed 485) would be able get their GCs in Jan and Feb of 2010.

    What makes this bill much more interesting is:

    1. This is not a bill targetting the issues of Employment based category - So there won't be a huge backlash against this in the name of the economy and recession. The provisions for the employment category are just one item in this bill.

    2. Family based immigration reform has a wider range of support from all kinds of groups unlike Employment based immigration reform. Just search for this bill "Reuniting Families Act" in google news and you can identify all those organizations supporting this bill (they all have a news release).

    Complete Text of this Bill:


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  • gcformeornot
    01-30 09:54 PM
    on both

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  • kpchal2
    07-18 04:43 PM
    these uscis reps dont even know that the uscis reversed their visa bulletin. all they were told was they will be rejected and that is what they are reiterating. they do not even know that the people at service centers were asked to hold them back. they are just like a bunch of kids who were told

    1+1 = 2 but they do not know that 1-1 + 2 = 2 becuase no one ever told them that :-)


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  • amulchandra
    04-02 12:36 AM
    What do you mean by "Our PDs are close"?. I don't understand. Your PD is July 2006 that too EB3/India.???:confused:

    Please don't worry. Even in my dreams I don't dream about my PD becoming current in the near future.:confused:

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  • floridasun
    01-27 10:30 AM
    First of all note that the original post was alomst year and a half old so dont go by the ideas there now :D

    In commodity markets you trade futures and spot. Spot means immidate delivery of the under lying commodity. In futures you pay today for delivery at a future date. So typically the price of the future will be the price of spot + the storage charge (simple calculation to give you an idea considering no premiums). As the day of delivery approaches the price will pull to spot price. For example if west texas intermediate (WTI) crude is $92 spot price the 3 month future will be $100. (92+8 for storage). Considering that the spot price does not change at all, in three months time the price of the oil you will now be purchasing will be $92, but you paid $100 for it. This is backwardation. This is usually how markets are most of the time.

    Now if in 3 months the price of WTI is trading at $110, you will own oil you paid $100 for and now can turn around and sell for $110. This is contango.

    When you buy a commodity ETF, they dont take actual delivery of the product, they roll their contarcts. So they will hold a 3 month contarct and when the third month approaches they sell the contarct and get another 3 month contaract. If market is in backwardation then they will always be buying high and selling low. If market is in contango they will make money but as soon as it switches back to backwardation they will ride down the slide and loose all the money they made. So I dont think ETF's are agood way of making money in commodities passively. You can actively manage the ETF portfolio and make money using options and hedges and leveraged ETF's. But buy and hold, I suggest go and invest with a CTA who will be trading rule based to negate the effects of contango and backwardation.

    Hope this is simple enough:)

    Thanks smisachu. that was informative. FYI right now I am double shorting crude oil - with everyone calling higher crude oil prices in future, I may be in for a loss here... but willing to hold till I get break even :-)


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  • anai
    02-14 10:09 AM
    If black hats were around during the Indian independence movement, here's how it would have been:

    In 1930's
    Black hat: "What the hell, Gandhi! What good did salt satyagraha do? Where are the results? What did you achieve in the last 15 years? Change the leadership."

    In 1940's:
    Black hat: "Yeah. I continue to do nothing. But you suck."

    In 1942:
    Black hat: "Quit India movement! What a stupid waste of time. Gandhi, you should do a cultural show and raise some money."

    Ok. Ideas seem to be always welcome at IV. But crassly worded trashing of volunteer leaders rankles a lot of us.

    I won't be reading that silly sounding de bono hat book you suggest. But I might go to a cultural show by that other Bono and help him raise some money.

    So is this how you brainstorm ideas at work?

    Ideas are just as important as contributions.Your design team at work dont have to write the code as well. If its a bad idea then shoot it down,lets not ask everyone who comes up with an idea to implement it as well. Providing ideas is much better than sitting out there in blissful ignorance not knowing anything about retrogression or IV.

    You may wanna read "Six thinking hats" by Edward de bono.He talks about having critical thinking hat(black hat) during brainstorming.Lets have some people with black hats here.

    btw I thought anand26 was banned from this forum. I am not too far away from being banned as well. I got a post deleted by the admin already without any notice.

    Forgive me for wearing the black hat in recent times and yes I have signed up for recurring contributions.

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  • sanju
    09-25 10:55 AM
    Sanju, I did not promise to give you any more examples - easy or otherwise.

    Hey buddy sc3, How are you this morning. I just have to go to a meeting in another few minutes. Would you be around today? We have to continue our discussion from the other day. I feel like learning a lot from you and I love discussing with you. Please stick around and I will be back soon. Please don't go, ok. In the meantime, here is an excellent video you may want to watch in the meantime.


    This is really good.


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  • gc28262
    01-19 09:01 AM
    I know it hurts , but this was necessary to stop the misuse of H1B program.
    The H1B was never meant to be used by Body shoppers.

    You drafted this H1B law ?

    11-14 12:43 PM
    ......................... If Gandhi can sucessfully take on the mighty British Empire "where the Sun never sets" with just a loin cloth and a staff, We are better equipped with Megaphones and Placards! Agreed I'm not a Gandhi, but then neither is Lou Dobbs, the emperor of a mighty empire with millions of soldiers at his command............................[/B]

    I thought you would go there :) :)
    He is on a book tour now and be prepared to see him on all major shows. Do you seriously think these stations will stop inviting him when you write to them ? CNN stop him from what he is doing of they receive 2000 letters ? There is a time and place for every thing....

    11-10 05:24 PM
    Its preposterous that USCIS does not allow LEGAL prospective permanent immigrants using EAD to bring their spouses!!

    Why are you so surprised? If you do get permanent residency then too your prospective wife will not be able to immigrate immediately.

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